Organization of events – what do you need to know? Organization of a company event or a family celebration outdoors or indoors requires thoughtful thinking from the organizer. What should you pay attention to when organizing an event? Find out below.

What is a party?

An “event” is understood as a form of a one-off or cyclical meeting within the meaning of applicable law. Events can be classified according to various criteria. When organizing them, the place of the event and its duration should be taken into account. Before preparing the event, it is worth thinking about its purpose, decoration of the place, collecting prizes and gifts for participants. Also, be sure to obtain the necessary licenses required by law, if necessary.

What is the purpose of the activity?

Before you start organizing an event, think about what you want to achieve with it. In the case of company celebrations, it can increase the company’s sales and develop a specific image. Also, try to integrate the organization of the event with the marketing environment. Without thought and organization at the last minute, corporate events may not bring the expected results. On the other hand, the purpose of organizing a family celebration may be to deepen bonds between family members.

How to choose a venue for an organized event

The choice of the event venue depends on the nature, purpose and invited guests. You can organize company events at the company’s headquarters, on the premises or in a rented tent. On the other hand, you can prepare for family celebrations from the comfort of your own home. Write down some ideas during the site planning phase. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the one that meets your expectations.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the date of the event?

When choosing event dates, consider Christmas, Easter and other public holidays. Also check if other events are planned at a time convenient for you, in which invited guests can take part. Also, remember that planning a celebration is a time-consuming activity. Therefore, it is necessary to book locations, dates and other attractions in advance. Obtaining the necessary permissions can also take a long time.

Do you organize your own event or outsource it?

Organizing an event is time consuming and may require specialist knowledge. If this makes it difficult for you to run a business, entrust it to specialists who will take care of it as part of your business. A good solution is to hire a consultant who will help with maintenance, arranging the house or cleaning the house. He will find an event agency quote for you if you need a wide range of technologies: sound system, additional lighting and staging.

What should you pay attention to before organizing mass events?

Mass incidents are defined as events involving a large number of participants. Preparations for mass events are possible only after obtaining the necessary permits and meeting a number of requirements. To obtain a permit, you need permission from the mayor, mayor or president of the city.

What are the formal requirements when applying for a license to organize a mass event?

Organization of events - what do you need to know?
Organization of events – what do you need to know?

When organizing an event, you must apply at least 30 days before the planned event. This document should contain: details of the event organizer, details of the person authorized to act on behalf of the organizer, details of the security manager, information about the place and time of the event, information about the expected number of participants and information about whether the event will be paid or free information. The application should be accompanied by: the opinion of the Police Commander-in-Chief on the measures necessary to ensure the safety of the event, the opinion of the Commander of the State Fire Service, the State Sanitary Inspector, plan of the facility or area, medical documentation, signs, rescue points, water points, location of fire hydrants, public access and evacuation and information on the location of security services.

Or a simple party?

For ordinary activities, activities in which the number of participants does not exceed the number specified in the Act on mass events. Only be prepared for children and young people or athletes with disabilities. An ordinary event can be prepared in an open space or in a closed building.

What attractions are worth choosing during the event?

A well-prepared event does not have to be boring, and the possibilities are endless. These include: live music, outdoor games, talent shows, cooking together. When choosing an attraction, consider the expectations of your guests. To organize any event you need a good plan, time and lots of positive energy.

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